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Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Spring SZN is here !!!

My favourite season, I am a spring baby and hay fever sufferer so I seem to thrive on this new and refreshing energy this time of year...

I have been on an absolute rampage this past week, spring cleaning my spaces (both physically and mentally) and re-creating the "vibe" I want for this new season and ultimately, for the remainder of the year.

So why not share my spring tips for how I am refreshing my home and how you can too, no matter what your budget may be!

Let's set the moooood...

To get really clear on my vision for my space I have created a mood board of things I am going to invest (manifest) these next few months.

Everything I add to my board, I visualise my self using and the feeling I will experience with those valuables... It helps in creating a space that is focused on becoming a mood booster.




Grab out all your vases and jars and fill them with fresh goodness, I like to buy my flowers from the local weekend markets or farms, or if I can’t do that I will just buy some cheap bunches from ALDI or Woolworths. But don’t limit yourself to flowers, fresh bunches of eucalyptus leaves, olive branches or even dried palms create a whole vibe themselves.

Make it a priority to have freshness flora and fauna in the spaces you spend the most time in, and change them over weekly.


Bring in some COLOUR with fresh linen or silk sheets to keep you cooler in these warmer months, a lot of brands have some cheeky sales on at the moment.

I personally am going for a lemon and lilac theme this spring to add some fun new colour and layers into my sanctuary.

If purchasing new linen isn't in your budget this season, have a play around with different combinations you have in your home already, step outside your comfort zone and mix it all up, and please, don't be so afraid of colour.


Whether your’e into incense, candles or essential oils, switch it up and try a new smell this season. Im a lover of all the above, so here is my spring selection of scents:

NOOSA Incense BY This is Incense

Vanilla Creme Room Spray BY Aromabotanical

Caramel and Pistachio Candle By Celia Loves


Control, Alt, Delete.

Part ways with the dust collectors or anything that is taking up dead space in your home. And no, don’t shove it away somewhere. Bin it, take it to the op shop or make it look good. Spring clean all the clutter, clothes and cardboard boxes (I seem to have an abundance…)


Paint a whole wall or just a vase. Painting is such a mindless, brain numbing task but for all the best reasons. Its an expression of creative action. I love to go and get random sample pots of different paint colours and play around with vases, lamps, mirrors or even creating artwork on a canvas to hang in the home. Changing up items you already own with paint is so powerful and rejuvenates the whole space. I have the fun task of painting all our wardrobe doors this month WOO! #renolife


Get into the garden, give it some TLC! I am definitely new to this whole adult maintaining garden life, after living in Melbourne where I managed to kill my plants in my apartment, I have since had to learn some new things like starting a push lawn mower!! (don’t judge me)

Weeding your garden or planting new trees is so satisfying and rewarding and actually feels like a workout. So get outside and get your hands dirty.


Coffee table books are the best way to add layers, colours and dimension to a room, a table, a shelf, anything! I love to buy big books from the op shop or markets which have cool spines with colours that match the room I am styling them in.

Affordable, vintage and often very educational. You’ll be surprised at what hides on the shelves of an op shop.


Have good music constantly playing in your home, it's such a life enhancer, I love to turn on my record player as I am doing random activities or cleaning the house. Gets the high vibes flowing and truly lifts your mood.


Happy Spring Cleaning my loves, let me know if you implement any of these little hacks this season!

Head over to my instagram @a.s.interior to see all the items tagged in my spring mood board and where you can find them both online or locally in Gippsland.



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