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The Gift Guide { self love edition }

I couldn't help myself but jump on the gifting guide bandwagon, but I needed to create this guide to emphasise more considered gifts when shopping for your loved ones or

if you are anything like me, you'll be treating yourself.

This might just be your sign to not feel guilty for wanting to spend money on yourself this time of the year and purchase something that will fill your cup (perhaps literally)..

If you aren't following me on instagram, head on over to @a.s.interior and check out my latest reel talking you through the gift guide.

However you are in the right place because I have done you a solid and added a few extra bonus ideas here in this blog!

This gift guide was inspired by some wholesome rituals that I started to immerse myself in this year when I felt uninspired, a little bit lost and not myself. Creating rituals from morning through to day and night was how I "found myself" again and created a life in alignment to inspire and uplift me, ensuring my self love routine became habitual.

So ---- this is my little self love guide for that person who might need some extra TLC at this time of year <3


Wake up and establish those wholesome slow morning rituals with...

This is Gentle Habits

Summer Bundle

Its no secret I am a huge lover of their "this is incense" range especially in NOOSA scent.

Their rebrand to Gentle Habits comes as a breathe of fresh air to remind us to take it slow and be more still in our waking - rather than rushed and flushed. Their products are inspired by Australian bush and beaches.

"We hope to help you create rituals to unlock the capacity to feel present, grounded and captivated by the everyday." - this is gentle habits


Read a chapter a day of ...


by Allira Potter

Trust me, this book has a relatable era for everyone.

By sharing their story, Allira covers topics such as grief, heartbreak and other stages of their life that resulted in a search for a new way of living an abundant life.

Allira is a proud Yorta-Yorta woman, a powerhouse manifesting queen, podcast host of "Fill Your Cup" and the list really goes on.

This book was written so graciously and feels like a hug - as if to say "I know you are going though a tough time, but you will get through it, I will show you how" (spoiler: obviously through magick and manifestation tools) LOVE.


Rise and Hydrate with your....

Rise and Conquer

Time Stamped Water Bottle

We can never have enough "emotional support" water bottles, so add this one to cart immediately. Retailing for $44.44 that is a sure sign for me.

Rise and Conquer is a podcast hosted by entrepreneur Georgie Stevenson, and her brand features a range of online personal development, money mindset and manifestation courses.


Go for your hot 'girl' walk in your...

Country Road

Heritage (DAD) Cap

With summer upon us - or when it does decide to hang around for a bit, you will be needing one of these.

Country Road caps are so timeless and comfortable.

I love how electric their colours are this season and I recently purchased this bright palm green one.

I got the mens one - just personal preference for size and fit and logo design but the womens ones have some super cute colours too.

Get out there and pound the pavement and look cool doing it!


OR spend your days soaking rays at the beach with...

The Wholesome Store

Oasis (MUM) Bucket Hat

Keeping on the whole green bean theme, I thought best to add another option for headwear if caps aren't your thing...

The Wholesome store are a conscious focused ecommerce store for your everyday goods, including homewares, kitchenware, childrens wear and more!

I love everything their brand has to offer and you could totally buy the entire store.


Now for feeling luxurious after that post walk or beach shower, in your...


European Turkish Cotton Towel

The softest, most luxurious and absorbent towels I have ever felt or owned....

Made in Turkey, Adairs stocks a stunning range of colourful or monochromatic hand and bath turkish cotton towels.

Its time to uplevel your linen cupboard will feel like a new person!


Get your day off to a positive start by pulling...

The Collective Hub

Daily Mantras, Affirmations and Cards to Inspire

The best way to get me into my positive mindset for the day, is to pull a card from my daily mantras deck - its crazy how it can be exactly the message you need to hear that day.

Motivating, uplifting and inspiring, these products from Collective Hub are a perfect mindful gift for someone who needs a little bit of mindset magic sprinkled into their daily routine.



Wind down for the day and get into your night time routine with...

Naked Harvest Supplements

Moon Mylk Hot Choc

The perfect afternoon or after dinner sweet treat, a hot choccy filled with goodness to help you relax, wind down, calm your nervous system and prepare you for a good nights sleep.

Moon Mylk is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no artificial nasties or sweeteners.

Made from high quality ingredients, some included are magnesium, zinc and passion - flower which is believed to treat insomnia and anxiety.

Paired with the cutest glass bubble mug,

how could you not feel cosy and calm and

ready for bed.


Happy Gifting x



PS: I have designed a special little Self Love Card for you to attach to any gift you are giving this season.

Download Here.

Download PDF • 10KB

I do wish to disclaim that although I am definitely not perfect, nor will I ever be, I do my best to source and purchase gifts from collectives who are doing what they can to ensure more ethical and sustainable practices and outcomes.

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