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The E-Journal is perfect for those who prefer to keep their notes and entries that little bit more private on a digital copy.


Perfect for iPad or Tablet users, easy to dowload and import into apps such as:

- GoodNotes

- One Note

- Notability


Best used with a digital pen for the feeling of free hand writing.


The Journal created for everyone - designed to be your magic tool in creating your dream life. 

The Journal is set out in 26 weeks ( 6 months ) for best results, use each week, starting with your Weekly Goal Setting on Sunday or Monday, 6 pages of "Your Safe Space" free journalling, ending with a Weekly Reflection.

Featuring a number of affirmations and positive quotes spread throughout the weeks to hype you up on your journey.

The E - Journal

  • This is owned and all rights are reserved to AS Creative Collective.

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