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Located in the heart of Bairnsdale, Victoria this home boasts 4 metre high ceilings, Victorian architectural features and an elegant weatherboard facade. 

Stage One of the renovation is a modern coastal inspired take on the original architectural and heritage of the home, highlighting features through the conversion of an alcove into a laundry with an addition of a powder room, a complete main bathroom, section of kitchen converted into a breakfast nook, pantry and additional space was added through the configuration of creating a functional hallway from the front to the back of the home, allowing 2.7 metre high storage.

wain styling doc.png

In 2020, I was assisting these clients with the Interior Design selection for their New Home, however throughout the pandemic, these clients resulted in selling their block of land before building commenced, and opted to purchase this existing dwelling, thats when they returned to me asking me to be their Interior Designer, and Project Manager on their home renovation. Collaborating with talented local builder, Craig Froud, together we have brought a vision to life for the most amazing clients in their hometown of Bairnsdale, Victoria.

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